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The manual knife sharpener is an essential tool to keep your knifes in a good shape. Keeping knives sharp is essential for the safe handling of them. A sharp knife is safer because it cuts effortlessly and precisely. This sharpener has a ergonomic design with a soft grip for better handing. It has two slots, the coarse sharpener has a tungsten carbide...

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Professional Arcos knife sharpener Vulcanus. Get a sharp durable sharpening for better cutting and longer life for your knifes.Ham knives sharpening is essential in order to cut thin slices. A sharp knife gets a few slices thinner where we find the most exquisite taste of ham.

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With the Knife sharpener "Chaira" of Arcos you have the perfect item to sharpen your knives regularly and get a permanent yield in a quick and easy way. Handle: Polypropylene Blade: Carbon Steel Sheet Measures: 230 mm

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Ham slicing knife and knife sharpener pack (Arcos). Slicing jamonero knife brand Arcos. An ideal knife for cutting the ham, long and flexible to get very thin slices. Knife sharpener for ham knife.Features: Stainless steel sheet 240 mm NITRUM ®Handle in polyoxymethylene (POM)Weight: 168 gr

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To keep your knifes in shape is of mayor importance in order to extend thir life. In order to keep your knifes in shape you must protect them from bumps and scratches. The Arcos knife Case is the perfect tool for protecting your knifes, it is made of a resistant material for a long lasting protection.

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