05 dic, 2018

Cinco Jotas (5j) pastures

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Pastures where Cinco Jotas Iberian Pigs are raised is a type of Mediterranean forest which is mainly used for the extensive farming of pigs. This type of forest is mainly conformed by oaks, corks and gall-oaks (among others). In those forests, Iberian Bellota pigs graze during a large time of the year thanks to its rich pastures and its great acorns production.

pastures cinco jotas 5j iberico bellota jabugo hams

Where are Cinco Jotas (5j) pastures located?

Cinco Jotas Pastures hams are located in the Jabugo area, province of Huelva, at southwest of Spain. There are soft winters and dry and hot summers. In addition, there are also other large pasture areas in Extremadura and Salamanca.

Why are pastures so beneficial for Iberian pigs?

In the fattening phase from October to March, better known as “montanera”, Iberian pigs eat acorns fallen from trees and pastures. By following this diet, pigs produce the oleic acid which is so beneficial for their health.
Exercise done by pigs looking acorns contributes to the infiltration of fat in the meat, so the hams will be even more juicy. In addition, natural pastures are the best compliment for their intense diet acorns-based during this time.


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