02 ene, 2020

Curiosities about Olive Oil

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Today we talk about our liquid gold, a basic ingredient in our kitchen and essential of our gastronomy. Surely you already know everything about oil but knowledge does not take place, so let's see some curiosities that you may not know.

  • We can find references to oil in different passages of the Bible or even earlier, in The Code of Hammurabi - King of Babylon - (dating back to 2,500 B.C.).

  • It is not new that the city of Athens has that name in honor of the Goddess Athena. But it may be surprising that there was a period when city didn’t have a name and that the Athenians made a kind of contest to choose it. The Goddess Athena offered t olive trees as gifts, from which they could obtain wood, fire and food. With this gesture she won the sympathy of the Athenians and incidentally the contest.

  • Homer would be the first Greek poet to call Olive Oil "liquid gold."

  • Ebro river means "river of oil" and was thus baptized by the Romans. For these, it would be a precious good that they also introduced in all conquered territories, with even more importance than their own crops.

  • The flavor of Extra Virgin Olive Oils will depend on the variety of olive from which it is obtained, the production area and the harvest of each year.

  • To obtain a liter of EVOO, about 5 kilos of olives will be needed.

  • Olive trees have 46 chromosomes, which matches with those of humans.

  • Last but not least, Spain is the leading producer of olive oil worldwide. We have an area of ​​2.3 million hectares and about 2,000 varieties of olive trees. Within our country, the main producer is Jaén, which is credited with 20% of world production, with almost 25,000 metric tons of oil. However, as a curious fact, the country where more olive oil is consumed is Greece with 18 liters per person, compared to the 12 liters per person consumed in Spain.

You already know a little more about Olive Oil. As always, we hope you found these curiosities interesting. See you in the next post!