22 ago, 2019

The Designation of Origin Iberico Ham Huelva changes its name to Designation of Origin Jabugo

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The famous Designation of Origin Iberian Ham Huelva has changed its name to Designation of Protected Origin Jabugo. This change of name became official in 2017, however it was already planned from years before.

Designation Origin Huelva becomes Jabugo

Why is the name changed from DO Huelva to DO Jabugo?

This change of name has been encouraged due to different reasons. Primarily it has been done to give a bigger institutional protection. During the past years, there has been an increasing fraud around the Iberian ham industry and the nomenclature “Jabugo” has begun to be used for commercial uses in other countries despite being prohibited. Other reason for the change of the name is to provide a greater recognition in the population regarding the assimilation of the D.O. Huelva.

Is the change of name important?

This change of name has been encouraged due to different reasons. In first place, it searches a bigger socioeconomic and touristic development in Jabugo and be a gastronomic referent all over the world. In second place, this directly affects the farming industry of the locality. This change of name pursues a better protection in the commercialization of the products belonging to Designation of Origin Jabugo and also a better protection of the sellers and producers involved in the process.