20 feb, 2019

Altanza Jabugo Hams

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Today we will talk about Altanza Jabugo hams.
Jabugo hams are very famous worldwide thanks to its characteristic aroma and flavour. If the elaboration period has been done in a traditionally, this will give a quality distinction, as it happens with Altanza Jabugo hams.

iberian ham shoulder bellota cebo Altanza Jabugo

Where does the Altanza hams come from?

Altanza hams come from ​​Jabugo, province of Huelva. Jabugo is located in Sierra de Aracena, in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park. The climate is continental Mediterranean. It has high annual rainfall, with high temperatures during summer and mild winters. Elaboration area is located at an average altitude of about 570 meters above sea level, making maturation and drying conditions to be completely natural.

Process of curing Altanza Jabugo hams

Curing process of Altanza hams is completely handmade. Thanks to this, pieces are of such good quality. We can find different types of Iberian hams of Altanza Jabugo: Ibérico de Cebo Ham, Iberian Ham of Cebo de Campo, Iberian Bellota Iberian Ham and 100% Pata Negra Bellota Iberico Ham.

The pigs are freely-raised in pastures located in Sierra de Aracena. After the pig’s slaughter, the drying of the pieces is done in their own drying places. Drying and maturing of the pieces is done slowly, naturally and traditionally. The combination of a traditional drying and processing in natural cellars and the climate of Jabugo results in pieces of an outstanding quality.

In conclusion, Altanza Jabugo hams are of an excellent quality, thanks to a careful and traditional manufacturing process.

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