03 jun, 2019

The montanera and the Iberian pig

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The montanera is the last stage in the breeding of the Iberian pig. It has place during the months between October and February, and it coincides with the maturation period of the acorn.

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During the montanera, the pig freely grazes in the pastures filled with forests of holm oaks and cork oaks. Here is where it takes place the traditional fattening of the pig while it is bred with acorns and natural pastures. The pig remains in movement searching food and this makes the fat to infiltrate in its muscle mass.

Which factors influence the montanera?

There are different types of factors which influence the montanera and its development. In first place, the weather and the vegetation in the pastures are two essential factors. In second place, the extension of the terrain for pig determines the quantity of available acorns and also the quality of the montanera. If the available quantity of acorns is bigger, the montanera will be of higher quality.

Which minimum requirements should the Iberian pig achieve to enter in montanera?

The main factor that allows the Iberian pig to enter in montanera is the weight. The animal shall weight between 100 and 155 kilograms and shall remain a minimum of 60 days. During this period, the pig shall get fat a minimum of 46 kilograms eating herbs and pastures, however they can put on until 70-80 kilograms.