25 oct, 2019

Packs, hampers and company gifts for Christmas

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Do you need to make any gift or a basket for your company? Do you want to give a Christmas hamper to a customer or friend? If the answer is yes, in Pata Negra Online we make Christmas hampers and baskets with Iberico and serrano hams.

We can offer an extensive catalogue of Christmas packs, gourmet hampers and baskets for gifts.

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Why giving a Christmas basket with ham or shoulder?

The main reason to give a Christmas basket with ham or shoulder is because it is delicious and hams are essential products in every Christmas meeting. You can give it sliced, whole with bone or boneless, as with all these options you will delight their recipients. Remember to serve it with a good wine, a good cheese, Iberian sausages or even a ham holder with a knife.

Contact us and we will send you our suggestions.

Where do we send our Christmas packs for companies?

The tradition of Christmas packs is very widespread in Spain. Each time there are more countries in Europe that practice this beautiful tradition of giving a gift to their workers.

We send Christmas packs and hampers to all European countries such as Portugal, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Czech Rep., Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Finland, Latvia , Lithuania, Estonia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Monaco and Switzerland.

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