1. How much it costs me when will I receive it?

***TNT***                       5 kg                  10 kg                  15 kg                20 kg                 25 kg        More
Spain (mainland) (24/48h)6,00€7,11€9,86€13,88€19,35€See cart or contact us
Islas Baleares and Portugal (2/3 días)11,74€15,43€20,45€22,87€26,98€See cart or contact us

Zone 1 (2-4 days)

Germany, France (mainland), Bélgium, Holland, Great Britain, Italy (mainland), Austria, Luxemburgo

19,48€22,35€26,74€29,58€38,70€See cart or contact us

Zone 2 (4-6 days)

Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Checz Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Monaco

23,91€28,79€32,82€44,27€48,30€See cart or contact us

Zone 3 ( 4-7 days)

Croatia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece, Rumania, Bulgary, Hungary, Corsiga (FR), Sicily (IT), Sardinia (IT)

32,65€38,12€43,67€50,99€53,92€See cart or contact us

Zona 4 (4-7 días) (VAT excluded)


36,20€39.34€45,12€53,79€62,56€See cart or contact us

**** DHL Express 24-48h ****                         1.5 Kg                      3 Kg                 5 Kg                 8 Kg                 10 Kg                       More

Zone 1

Germany, France (mainland), Belgium, Holland, United Kingdom, Italy (mainland), Austria, Luxemburg

15.73€19.36€26.62€43.56€56.87€See cart or contact us

Zone 2

Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Monaco

19.36€21.78€26.62€44.77€65.34€See cart or contact us

Zone 3

Croatia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Corsica (FR), Sicily (IT), Sardinia (IT)

25.41€27.83€31.46€47.19€67.76€See cart or contact us

Zone 4


See cart or contact usSee cart or contact usSee cart or contact usSee cart or contact usSee cart or contact usSee cart or contact us

IMPORTANT: Delivery times are specified in working days and under normal conditions. We are not take into account holidays and other exceptional situations beyond our control. All orders paid before 12 o'clock on working days will be shipped the same day, except of being out of stock or needing extra manipulation. (Contact us)

Countries and other territories where we do not ship: Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Norway, Channel Islands, Azores, Madeira and other non-mainland islands and territories.

2. Can I track my shipment?

When your order is sent, you will receive an email confirming it. The day after sending the order, we will send you the tracking link so you know where your parcel is.

3. What happens if I am absent when the courier comes?

In case of absence, the courier will leave you a notification as if the courier has been attempted a delivery or they will contact you by phone or mail. A second delivery will be scheduled or you may pick up the parcel at a delivery point. We will also provide you with the reference and phone of the courier your area so you can contact them directly.

4. Why does my order return?

The order may be returned for several reasons:

1- The package has been damaged during transportation.
2- If the delivery has not been possible after several attempts and the contact with the recipient has not been possible.
3- If the delivery has been rejected by the recipient.

If you have any other questions, contact us.