1. Iberian hams Jabugo Altanza, the dryer

The dryer of the Iberian hams Jabugo Altanza was built in the year 2015. Since its creation, the pure Iberian ham Jabugo of maximum quality has been offered. AltanzaJabugo only markets Iberian hams, of cebo, cebo de campo, acorn and acorn patanegra. Nowadays, Altanza’sJabugo hams are a referent of quality and elaboration, with hams of intense smell and great flavor.

ibérico jabugo ham altanza bellota cebo

Our hams Altanza Jabugo

2. Jabugo: The cradle of the Iberian Ham of Bellota pata negra

The village of Jabugo is located in the province of Huelva, in the middle of Huelva’s mountain range. It is considered the cradle of the Iberian Ham due to the climate of the area, suitable for the curing of the pieces and to obtain pieces of such a great quality.

The climate and the terrain of Jabugo are very favorable for the elaboration of hams and shoulders of Iberian pigs. The type of climate in the area is Mediterranean Oceanic or with Atlantic influences. The winters are soft and the summers are hot and dry, with moderate precipitations, however in autumn-winter they are more frequent. Regarding the terrain orography, Jabugo is located in the park of Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, which belongs to Sierra Morena.

3. Elaboration process of the hams Jabugo Altanza

The pieces belonging to Altanza Jabugo’s hams have been elaborated following traditional methods. The pieces have been cured in natural dryers, using the natural climate of the area of Jabugo, perfect for curing the ham. The union between technology of last generation, development and traditional methods of elaboration make these pieces unique and the most delicious in the market.

Another essential factor in the elaboration of the pieces is the supervision of the ham master. The ham master or ham expert is the person responsible of determine when the piece is in its exact point of curing and thus to obtain the maximum benefit of the piece. A careful supervision is the key to obtain pieces of high quality.

elaboration process hams altanza jabugo

4. Products Altanza Jabugo

We can find 3 types of pieces under the brand Altanza, These 3 types of pieces are distinguished by the alimentation followed by the pig during its fattening period. In addition to hams and shoulders, we can also find boneless and sliced.

  • Hams and Iberian shoulders of cebo: They come from the Iberian pigs that have been fed with authorized feeds and some pastures.

  • Hams and Iberian shoulders cebo de campo: They come from the Iberian pigs that have been fed with authorized feeds, pastures and some acorns.

  • Hams and Iberian shoulders of bellota: They come from Iberian pigs (50% or 100% Iberian) that have been feed with acorns and natural pastures.

All the pieces have been elaborated and treated in the area of Jabugo (Huelva) and this is the key for its intense flavor of authentic Iberian.