1. History and evolution of jamones Serón

The company Jamones Serón was founded in the year 1880. The hams of Serón are elaborated with white pig’s pieces of maximum quality, taking care of all the details and steps of the elaboration method and emphasizing the aroma, the texture and the flavor of the obtained pieces.

The production of the pieces of the hams Serón is done in the mountain range of los Filambres, located in the province of Almería. This area has a perfect microclimate for the curing of the pieces in a slow and natural way. The union of the extraordinary climate conditions for the curing and the incorporation of new techniques in the process of production results in high quality products.

Our hams of Serón

2. Elaboration and curing of the hams jamones Serón

The elaboration and curing of the hams Serón is done in an artisanal way with the aim of obtaining pieces of ham and sausages of maximum quality. Moreover, the traditional elaboration methods are combined with process where ultimate generation technology is included in terms of management, control and food security.

The pieces are cured in natural dryers belonging to the brand, which together with the natural climate conditions of Serón make these pieces of white pig’s ham among the best valued in its type. All this process has been supervised for the ham masters, who with their experience make these pieces one of the best of serrano’s ham.

elaboration curying hams shoulders seron

3. Serón: the perfect weather for the breeding of the white pig

Serón locality is located in the province of Almería, more precisely in the Sierra de los Filambres and in the valley of the river Almanzora. The area’s climate is Mediterranean and it is considered the hottest province in Spain. Despite this, the microclimate in Serón is ideal for the natural curing of hams and sausages.

The area’s climate is characterized for its mild winters, with average temperatures of approximately 7 ºC. However, the summers are hot and dry and its average temperature is around the 24 ºC. In general, pluviometry in the area is quite low with few precipitations of near 6 mm in summer and 49 mm in winter.

climate seron breeding white pigs

4. Products of Jamones Serón

We can find different types of pieces under the brand “Jamones Serón”. All of them come from white pigs and its main difference is the curing period.

  • Jamón Reserva: The hams jamones Reserva have curing periods between 12 and 16 months. The flavor of its meat is delicate, little salty and sweet-smelling.

  • Jamón Gran Reserva: The hams jamones Gran Reserva have curing periods between 16 and 18 months. The flavor of its meat is delicate, little sweet and with a characteristic smell of serrano’s ham.

  • Jamón Gran Reserva 1880: The hams jamones Gran Reserva 1880 have curing periods of more than 20 months. These hams have the famous “cut in V”, which permits homogenize the curing of all the parts of the piece.

  • Paleta Gran Reserva: the shoulder hams paletas Gran Reserva have curing periods of more than 12 months and its weight is superior to 4 kg in any case. These shoulder hams have the famous “cut in V”, which permits a homogeneous curing in all the piece.