1. Story and tradition of Ciurana hams

Jamones Ciurana is a familiar company specialized in hams, ham shoulders, Iberian sausages of acorn and the typical Spanish serranos. Jamones Ciurana was founded more than 40 years ago and to this day it still uses the same ancient process and the same philosophy which distinguish them: work, effort and dedication.

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2. Philosophy of Ciurana hams

The philosophy followed by the company Jamones Ciurana is to offer hams and sausages of the best quality. Its products are elected with special care in order to achieve the highest standards in its category.

Each phase during the elaboration is supervised in detail. The care used in each peace produces hams, shoulder hams and sausages between the best rated in the market.

3. Breeding and elaboration process of the Iberian Hams of acorn and serranos

The breeding and the elaboration method of the pieces belonging to this brand is very simple: follow the tradition. In the epoch of montanera, the Iberian pigs pasture freely in the pastures searching acorns of holm oaks and cork oaks. The pastures in which the pigs pasture during the time of fattening have been previously selected by its weather conditions and its vegetation. The pigs used in the elaboration of the ham pieces have also been selected carefully. This, along with the pastures’ selection results in pieces of high quality.

With the aim of optimize the curing and maturation periods, the traditional and modern process are united, obtaining pieces of exceptional quality. One of the main characteristics of Jamones Ciurana is the long curing process of its pieces. The purpose of this is to get pieces of a higher quality and obtaining the best properties of the Iberian ham and serrano.

4. Iberian products and serranos Ciurana

Jamones Ciurana counts with different types of products. We can find different types of ham and shoulder ham pieces, as well as Iberian sausages and other Spanish typical products. All the products come from the pig and have been carefully elaborated.

Between these pieces we can find pieces of sausages from Iberian pork sausage, Iberian loin, Iberian salchichón, products like the fuet, salchichón de payés, sumaiet (fuet of a softer flavor), loin matanza (or from white pig), among others. Regarding the hams and shoulder hams, we can find pieces of Iberian acorn, cebo, cebo de campo, with the distinctive Designation of Origin and serranos. Among them with Designation of Origin, there are hams with Designation of Origin from Guijuelo, Jabugo and Extremadura’s pastures.

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