Jabugo ham 50% ibérico bellota Altanza

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The Jabugo ham ibérico bellota Altanza is a ham characteristic per its high quality thanks to its long curying period and feeding with acorns and pastures. These hams have been cured in the area of Jabugo (Huelva) where the hottest summers provide hams with an intense flavor and a really juicy texture. The meat is of an intense red color and the fat is soft and transparent, so special among Iberian Bellota hams.

The “caña” (shinbone) is thin, its flavor is intense, and the aroma is fruity and with character. It has a higher percentage of infiltrated fat, which enhances its flavor and provides great sweetness. An exceptional ibérico bellota ham!

Origin: Jabugo (Huelva)
Curing: +34 months
Feeding: Acorns and pastures

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