Jabugo ham ibérico cebo de campo Altanza

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Jabugo (Huelva) Ibérico Cebo de Campo ham Altanza is a ham of exceptional quality thanks to its long period of curing for hams of its type and its feeding, based on pastures and authorized feeds. These hams have been cured in the area of Jabugo (Huelva) where the hottest summers provide them more intense flavour than those cured from other regions.

The “caña” (Shinbone) is thin, with a mild and fruity flavor. Good amount of infiltrated fat thanks to its extensive breeding in the dehesas. An exceptional ibérico cebo de campo ham!

Origin: Jabugo (Huelva)
Curing: 24 months
Food: Natural feed and pastures

222,42 €

  • 7.750 Kg

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